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Sponsor an upcoming Article of Art.Knowledge !

~ Your Clickable Ad Banner will be placed on one of our upcoming article of Art.Knowledge Portal exclusively.
~ We send the article synopsis as an Email Newsletter & WhatsApp Notifications with the sponsor's 3 line text. Your write-up appears on top of the email newsletter & at the bottom of the WhatsApp Notification message, exclusively. Email Newsletters are sent to 2400+ Emails ids of our audience base & WhatsApp Notifications are sent to 4500+ audience base. This helps your brand reach our niche audience base. 
~ Our Social Media Posts promoting the article will bear our sponsor info..

Note : The sponsored ad banner remains visible on the article forever. :) 
This is a flat fee advertising model & not based on CPM or CPV. Hence your Ads reach new audience forever.
Cost : INR 16,000/- (Including GST). You may change your AD Design any time.

More unique Ad Placements are coming soon . . .

We shall open up our other products & services to accommodate Advertisers soon.